Resume Writing Tips – Latest Tips on Making an Attractive CV and Resume

Create Your CV and Resume!

Ladies, let’s be honest, making a resume and resume is pretty tricky. Especially if you want a resume and CV that you make can immediately attract attention and make you a strong candidate for the position you are after.

Along with career development, we must not forget to update the contents of the CV and resume that we have. The CV that you made a few years ago might look stale now. In addition, it is important for us to keep an eye on current trends in the workforce. The following are some of the latest tips on how to create a resume and CV that will immediately attract attention!

1. Simple resume design and resume

A good resume design is eye catching but still looks simple. “If content is king, then design is the queen,” said Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write. According to Debra, several things to consider are the use of italic, bold, and capslock that are used for emphasis and selection of the type of letters you use.

A good typeface is a letter that looks good both on screen and on paper, so choose a modern font design and try testing with print on paper first before you send it. “I will not choose Times New Roman, because it is the most basic typeface,” Debra said.

5 Tips on Making a Resume for New Graduates

5 Tips on Making a Resume for New Graduates

2. Add a LinkedIn page

The top third is the most important part of a resume, including your contact information. Now, instead of writing your e-mail address after your name and contact info, it is recommended to write your LinkedIn address first. Amanda Augustine, a career expert from TopResume explained, “Today, the majority of professionals use LinkedIn, so you don’t just have to have a profile on LinkedIn, but also have to make your LinkedIn page to strengthen the resume you send.”

Therefore, it is important for us to create an attractive LinkedIn page so that you look more professional and serious in your career.

3. Pay attention to the position you write

Pay attention to keywords from positions that are available on job opening sites. If a company is looking for “Marketing Communications Director” and you meet the criteria sought, you may write your position as “Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications.” But, if you are applying for a position that you have never held before, try writing a position that more generally, like “Marketing Professional.”

Amanda suggested, “When looking for work, think about‘ What do I want to do in my next job? ’If you want to be competitive in today’s workforce, you have to be good at promoting yourself.”

4. A concise, concise self-description

Long sentence about yourself is an outdated thing. Compared to writing a diary or confide letter, what you need to make is a concise and concise paragraph of statements about why you are the right candidate for the position you are after.

5. Add soft skills

In order not to be monotonous and easy to attract attention, try to combine paragraphs with bullet points in creating resume content. When making a list of the skills you have, put your hard skills first with the skill level that you are most proficient at.

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In addition to hard skills, you can add a number of popular soft skills such as leadership, negotiation, and communication skills, but they must be selective. Being on time and being diligent is a matter of course and cannot be compared to soft skills such as the ability of public speaking and event planning for example. “Companies are looking for real skills. If they are looking for a technical position, they may not care how active you are in getting along, “Debra said.

6. Fill in a specific work history

Rather than describing the responsibilities in each position you have occupied, the company is more concerned with your achievements and how you can do it again in their company. Try to stay specific and if possible, provide relevant statistics such as the total income you have ever made, the development of the client that you hold, and other quantitative things that show your ability.

Don’t have a sample based number? Look at the skill section that you wrote down and think about how you can prove that skill. Smart foreign language? Include proof of language skills, for example.

7. More selective and relevant

The more your resume looks crowded, the more lazy people read it. Compared to writing every job or internship you have ever done on a piece of paper, just choose a position or job that is related to the position you are applying for now.

How to find out if a resume is too crowded is actually simple: If you feel tired or bored while writing it, it means that the resume will also be tiring and boring when read by others. Think and choose the things that are most relevant to the job you are seeking.

8. Defeat the search robots

Today many large companies do not have time to check one by one every application that comes in. So they use search software to do that. The point is like this: When we upload a CV and resume to a job search site, the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) system will scan keywords related to the profession you are applying for. The main function of this system is to eliminate the majority of resumes received and facilitate HRD.

“Generally, more than 75% of candidates will fall before a person even sees their resume,” Amanda said. “So we have to have a strategy for making resumes that can get away with it.”

One way to outsmart is to enter a few keywords, skills, or criteria that are sought from each job application that you seek. If you are not sure what words to enter, note the words that appear most often in the job advertisement, especially from the qualifications section sought. You have to make sure the contents of the CV are in accordance with what they are looking for, that is the most effective way so that your CV can really be read by them.

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Writing a CV and resume sometimes feels tiring, but after reading a few tips above, hopefully can help you make a CV and resume that is more interesting. Good luck ladies!

All about Resume Writing Tips – Latest Tips on Making an Attractive CV and Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyway, you may have several questions about Resume Writing Tips – Latest Tips on Making an Attractive CV and Resume properly. You should keep your questions while we have provided the answers below. Yes, there are some popular questions about Making an Attractive CV and Resume that we got from the readers. With no talk too much, here the lists are:

How detailed should a resume be?

Simply, if you are just graduating, have fewer than five years of work experience or are contemplating a complete career change, a one-page resume will probably suffice. Even, Some technical and executive candidates require multiple-page resumes. If you have more than five years of experience and a track record of accomplishments, you will need at least two pages to tell your story.

How can I make my resume more attractive?

Once you have known about your resume’s length, it is time to make your letter more attractive. There are some tips that may be helpful. And, here they are:

  1. Incorporate industry keywords and buzzwords into your resume, but don’t overdo it
  2. Tailor your resume to the job
  3. Use a modern, professional format
  4. 4. Make sure it is error-free and easy to read
  5. Use a header
  6. Keep things professional
  7. Include metrics
  8. Keep the reader’s needs or industry requirements front and center
  9. Customize your resume to tell a story
  10. Don’t overuse fancy fonts and colors
  11. Make it longer than one page if it needs to be
  12. Supplement your resume with a cover letter.

What should a professional resume include?

Beside of the attractive layout and design, there are some basic things you must put on your letter. And, here the lists are:

  1. Your correct personal information such as phone number, email, name and mail-in address
  2. Educational background information
  3. If any, you can mention the awards and achievement
  4. Skill and experiences.

5 Tips on Making a Resume for New Graduates

All workers know that in order to succeed in getting the desired job, you need a resume that includes education and experience so far. However, what if you don’t have any experience in the workforce? Usually, this is faced by people who have just graduated from college. No need to worry, you just need to apply the following tips.

1. Start with the Abilities you Have

Everyone must have certain abilities. So what is your area of ​​expertise? If you encounter problems in answering it, ask your family or friends. For example, it turns out that the people closest to you often come to you for advice. This can prove that you are a good problem solver. However, whatever abilities you will include on your resume, you must be able to take responsibility. If called for an interview, the recruiter will definitely ask for proof of your ability.

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2. If There Are, Add Achievements Regarding Job Position

Ever won a certain competition or received a special award from your school and university in the past? Don’t hesitate to put it on your resume. These achievements will show that you are quite active outside academic activities. Especially if you are also able to keep your school or college grades good. This certainly can create a positive impression on the recruiter for you.

3. Include a Link to a Professional Account

A resume will not be able to accommodate everything that you want to show to the recruiter. Therefore, make a professional account like LinkedIn, then put the link on your resume. For those of you who intend to work in the creative field, for example graphic design, you should create an online portfolio as a place to showcase your work. That way, the recruiter can judge whether your works fit the company’s needs.

4. Show Your Hobbies and Interests

Besides education, skills and achievements, don’t forget to include your hobbies and interests on a resume. The things you listed might not be very relevant to the job you are applying for, but they can help recruiters get an idea of ​​your character. You can also mention a few of your hobbies and interests in the cover letter as long as you do it professionally. Who knows, it turns out there are recruiters who share your hobbies and interests, right?

5. Make Sure Your Resume Layout is Clean and Easy to Read

Last but definitely not least, pay careful attention to the layout of your resume. Use the same font type throughout the resume. Always put the year in the list of achievements that you write down. If possible, make a resume with the header and main content located in the middle of the page. According to the Business Insider website, an eye-tracking study from The Ladders shows that recruiters tend to scan resumes in the middle of the page.

No need to feel pessimistic about finding a job even if you don’t have experience. The five tips above can help you achieve this. Good luck!

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