Report Writing Tips – Examples of Creating Good and Interesting Reports

Smart Ways to Create A Report

Making a report of an activity requires accuracy and completeness of documents in order to be accountable to the parties concerned. In order to make a good and interesting report, you should pay attention to the composition of the activity report. Here is an example of creating a report that you can make a reference for.

After you have completed an activity, an activity report must be made to be submitted to your supervisor and funder. One example of making an activity report can be seen in the example of a training activity report. The theme was a school activity with a writing training program for journalists. The activity report consists of:


The activity title is written in capital letters and includes the theme and author of the activity report.

Basic activities

The basis of the activity is almost the same as the background or the reason why an activity needs to be carried out.


The purpose of the activity must be clearly spelled out so that it is right on target, both in paragraph descriptions or points. Both must be able to represent the purpose of the activity.

Time and place of the event

Time and place must be determined precisely based on various reasons, conditions, situations, funds, and other reasons.

Report Writing Tips the Activity Report Consist of

Report Writing Tips the Activity Report Consist of

Participants and targets

The number of participants and the origin of the agency must be mentioned in making the activity report.

Schedule of activities

To be more presentable, the schedule of activities should be made in tabular form, as in the example of making a report

Source of funds and allocation

The most important and risky thing in carrying out an activity is the source of funds and allocation planning. It is important for the person in charge of the activity to specify all sources of funds, no matter how small the nominal.

Use of funds

A list of uses for the allocation of funds must be properly written and include receipts as evidence.

The results achieved

The results achieved from an activity can be proven by photographs of the original work or attaching physical evidence.


The description of the suggestions can be revealed from the constraints and obstacles experienced during the implementation of the activity.

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Pay Attention to the Report Aspects

In compiling the report, the author includes aspects of the activity report in detail, consisting of:


To make the cover look official, you should include the institution symbol and the date the activity report was made.

Validity sheet

The validation sheet needs to be attached in the activity report. Signed are those involved, from the committee to the head of the agency.


The introduction contains the introduction as a form of gratitude to God and also a form of gratitude to those who have helped the realization of an activity. In addition, the introduction must also include a rationale for the implementation of activities, such as laws and sources of theory from experts.


The aims and objectives of the activity are sufficiently explained in the form of points to make it more efficient.

Type of activity

The kinds of activities that have been carried out are better realized in the form of rundown events.

Time and place

The time and place are written according to the realization of an activity.

Executive Committee

The implementing committee is realized in the form of a committee organizational structure. Preferably, included in the attachment.

Financial statements

Financial statements should also be attached by stating the source of funds and the total funds used.

Filler material

Fillers can be included with rundown, or can be written separately.


The closing activity report contains conclusions and suggestions, as well as apologies for any shortcomings in the implementation of the activities.


The attachment contains the required written documents.

Easy Ways to Make Financial Statements with Accounting Software

Often looking for information about “How to Make Financial Reports” on the internet? Maybe some of you are still confused with foreign accounting terms, so it is difficult to apply it. However, did you know that financial statements are the key to a company’s success in running its business.

Financial statements are records of a company’s financial information in an accounting period. Therefore, by looking at the financial statements you can see the performance of the company.

Financial statements are also an obligation that must be made by companies both large and small scale to the stakeholders. The components of financial statements include income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, capital change reports, and notes to financial statements.

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To make financial reports is not easy. You need a lot of company financial and operational data and information. So do not be surprised if in making financial reports it takes a lot of time. Financial statements are usually made by an accountant but now many companies both large and medium scale are making financial reports using accounting software. With accounting software, making financial statements which usually takes quite a long time can now be made in seconds.

The ease and speed of making financial reports with accounting software makes the manual or conventional way begin to be abandoned. Accounting software proves that financial statements can be made quickly and the results are accurate. In addition, the flow or process of accounting and financial reporting is also simplified. In order to better understand, the following will be presented how to make financial reports with accounting software.

Step 1:

The first step in making financial statements with accounting software is to register your company. At this stage the user or user creates and fills in the company’s identity, accounting period, line of business carried out, currency selection, and other information.

Step 2:

The master data is a data base that is data about company information from the beginning the company was founded. In making master data, you will fill in data such as name and address, item data, initial capital, supplier list, customer list, creditor list, COA adjustments, and so on.

Step 3:

This third step is actually almost the same as steps one and two which is still around filling data. It’s just the type of data that distinguishes. In the third stage, the data or information that is entered in the form of the initial balance of each account. For example the initial balance of accounts receivable / trade, inventory, cash, accounts payable, and so on. This initial balance is used as a basis for calculating the financial statements and transactions that occur later.

The basis for entering a transaction is a memorandum or proof of transaction, so that after all the notes have been collected, you can group the notes into the transaction category. For example in public or special journals. The accounting software will provide a general journal feature that is usually directly connected to the general ledger.

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To use it, you simply click on the feature and enter data, select the account that matches the transaction on the debit or credit side, enter the nominal value and finally click save. Then all transactions are automatically saved and posted to the ledger after the user saves the transaction.

In addition to general and special journal features, accounting software usually also has prepared other features that make it easy for you to manage company finances. For example, in the purchase menu a full set of purchase features includes invoices, returns, cash or credit payment methods, bookings, etc. Even now accounting software also has many features that are integrated with other applications, making it very easy for your work.

After all transactions are entered and you want to make financial reports, you only need to click on the report then the financial statements will be arranged automatically as well.

Easy right? In just seconds, you can create financial statements. Sophisticated technology brings us to be more efficient and effective. The accounting process and the preparation of financial statements is faster but still accurate. So you don’t need to bother thinking about deadline problems.

Want to immediately make financial reports using accounting software? You can try it in the Journal. Journal is a cloud-based online accounting software so data will automatically be saved. With Journals, you can get the ease of recording for business needs anytime, anywhere.

Not only recording transactions, journals also provide features making report schedule automatically, tracking item availability, stock management, cashlink, financial reports that will help develop the value of your business in the future.

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