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Receipt is a written statement made as evidence of receipt of cash or payment by other means. When conducting business or sales transactions, sellers and buyers usually make receipts for their respective interests, for example for accounting or documentation. Receipt is a document that proves the existence of a mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer as a basis for recording the receipt or expenditure of money.

Part 1 Make a Receipt

Prepare a receipt blank that provides carbon sheet as a copy

If you want to make receipts manually, prepare carbonized receipt blanks. Thus, you only need to write once and immediately get two receipts, one for you and one for the party making the payment.

Carbon receipts are usually printed in a certain format as proof of sales and receipts, for example: a sheet in the form of a company name and a few words or only a few lines to be printed with correct and clear information.

Use a black ballpoint pen

Writing receipts in black ink is needed to ensure the validity of the receipt. Don’t write receipts in pencil or brightly colored ink because they serve as proof of bookkeeping for the long term. Receipts that are created manually must be filled in with writing large enough and clear for easy reading. If you use carbonized receipt blanks, you must press when writing so that the writing appears on the second or third sheet as a copy.

Use a company stamp or printed receipt of the company name

To make a valid receipt, you must affix a company stamp at the top or bottom of the receipt in accordance with applicable law. In addition, you may use printed receipts that have an existing company name and logo. This proves to the buyer that the product being traded is from your business or company and this document will be a reference later if needed.

Steps to Make your own receipt using microsoft word

Steps to Make your own receipt using microsoft word

Include all the information needed in the receipt

When creating receipts manually or using forms that can be downloaded from a computer program, you must include the following:

  • Detailed seller data
  • Detailed buyer data
  • Transaction date
  • Detailed product data
  • Amount of money
  • Payment method
  • Signatures of sellers and buyers

Include all information needed when making a rental payment receipt

Receipt of lease payments is needed by tenants who pay cash or use a check to record spending. Receipts are also needed by the lessor as proof that the rent has been received and meets the legal requirements that require the lessor to provide receipts to the lessee. Receipts made as proof of receipt of rental payments must include the following:

  • The amount of rent paid
  • Payment date
  • Full name of tenant
  • Full name of the leaseholder
  • Full address of rental properties
  • Rental period paid
  • How to pay rent (cash, check, etc.)
  • Signatures of tenants and tenants.

Download receipt receipts online (free) for free

If you want to use printed receipts for your business or company, take advantage of the receipt form which can be downloaded for free via the internet. After the receipt is printed, stamp the company stamp so that it is ready for daily transactions.

Part 2 Know the Purpose and Reasons for the Receipt

Know the purpose of the receipt

Receipts are important documents for recording income and are required when reporting taxes. Keep all payment receipts because this document usually must be attached as proof of expenditure in the tax return. As a businessman, you are obliged to provide receipts to the buyer when receiving payment. After the buyer makes a payment, the seller usually provides a receipt for the payment.

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After paying for goods or services whose prices are relatively expensive, making receipts is considered an obligation for buyers and sellers. This document must be prepared in anticipation of violations of the law when the sale and purchase transaction takes place because both parties can use receipts as evidence in court.

Learn the four types of receipts commonly used

Theoretically, receipts can be made for all payment transactions, for example: rent payments, hairdresser services, or garden design fees. In general, receipts are divided into four groups and one of them you might see when making a purchase transaction sales.

Purchase receipt

After paying, the seller will make a payment receipt by specifying the receipt number, date of transaction, and the amount of money received. If payment is made in cash, there must be the word “cash” in the receipt. If payment is made by check or demand deposit, a check number or checking number must be written in the receipt. If payment is made by credit card, the name of the credit card issuing company must be listed (for example: Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and the last four digits of the credit card number.

Treatment receipt

This document is issued for payment for health services, for example on doctor’s services, purchase of medicines or use of surgical equipment. The receipt must include the name of the patient, the diagnosis code, the name of the doctor, the name of the drug or medical device paid, the date of treatment, the hour of consultation, and the amount of payment.

Selling Note

In general, you will receive a sales receipt when shopping. As an entrepreneur, you must provide a sales memorandum after entering the data of goods sold. This document is proof of sales and must include the amount of payment, date of sale, name and price of the item, name of person who processed the sales transaction and received payment.

Receipt of rent payment

This receipt is issued by the owner of the leased property as proof of receipt of payment from the lessee. The payment receipt must include the name of the leaser, the name of the tenant, the address of the leased property, the billing period, the amount of the rental fee, the start date and the end of the lease agreement.

Actors of buying or selling transactions via the internet will receive or provide electronic receipts. The information contained in the electronic receipt is the same as the information in other payment receipts and serves as proof of online purchases.

Know the important things about buyers and sellers that must be included in the receipt

This article focuses on making payment receipts between buyers and sellers. The party selling the goods or services must include the following information in the receipt:

  • Detailed seller data

Include the name of the person or company that made the sale transaction, address, telephone number, and e-mail address at the top of the receipt. Include the name of the store manager or company owner.

  • Detailed buyer data

Enter the full name of the buyer or party making the purchase transaction.
Transaction date. Enter the date, month, and year of the transaction because this information is needed to report taxes.

  • Detailed product data

Write a short description to explain the item or service being sold, for example: product name, number of items, product number, and other information to identify the product. This data will be useful if you need to find information about products that have been sold.

  • Price of goods / services
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Include the price of goods / services in detail starting from the sale price, tax, packing or shipping costs, discounts, or discounts in the framework of the promotion program. Sales transactions will be more valid and specific if the price of the item is written in detail.

  • Payment method

Enter how the buyer makes payments, for example: in cash, using a check, credit card or debit card.

  • Signatures of sellers and buyers

After the receipt is completed or printed and the buyer makes a payment, stamp the stamp “Paid” (if it is paid off) at the bottom of the receipt and then signed by the seller. You may sign a receipt for the buyer as documentation.

Needed thing

  • Paper or receipt
  • Ballpoint
  • Detailed information about the purchase transaction

How to Make Your Own Receipt with Microsoft Word

For you, the shop owner might be familiar with receipts or memorandum, especially if your shop customers often buy lots of goods, of course, as a shop owner you must provide proof of payment containing items to be purchased by customers as proof of transaction that is using receipt.

Not only that, by using customer receipts can also see the price of each item purchased clearly so that if there are errors in payments can be known easily.

Actually, we can also directly make it on paper sheets manually or you can also buy the ready-made on the market, but if we buy receipts that are ready, we can’t design the receipts themselves because the receipts that are sold are usually ready to use.

Therefore this time we will provide guidance to you on how to make your own receipts using the help of Microsoft Word software, this way you can design your receipts at will, for example, add a logo or other stores. In addition, by creating your own receipts, you can save more money because the cost required is less when compared to buying a finished product, especially if you do have a computer and printer ready for printing.

Even though you are not proficient in operating a computer you don’t need to worry because here we will explain it in full so that it can be understood by even beginners. Let’s get on with it!

In this guide you can use Microsoft Word 2013 if you use a different version, please adjust it because the method is also not much different. Actually you can also make it using Microsoft Excel but if we create an empty receipt format you don’t need to use Microsoft Excel just by using Microsoft Word. Please open the Microsoft Word software on the computer that you are using and then create a new worksheet. Next, please follow the steps below …

Step 1:

The first step we set in advance the paper size for receipts, generally receipts sold on the market use A6 paper size. The method is to select the PAGE LAYOUT menu, then select Size, then choose the paper size A6. For more details, see the image below. If there is no A6 size list in the paper size you can make it yourself manually please select More Paper Size.

After that, set the Paper section with paper size A6, for Width: 4.13 inches and Height: 5.83 inches. Make sure that the Microsoft ruler you use uses inches in size if you use another unit, please change it first, how it’s almost the same as changing the ruler from Inch to CM so you can easily follow this guide. If you have set the Top, Bottom, Left and Right Margins to be filled with 0.4 inches or you can adjust them as needed.

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Step 2:

Next, first make a note or receipt head section usually consisting of the store name, address, cellphone number, memorandum number, name and date.

If you want to enter the logo you can add it directly at this step, but if there isn’t enough with the name of the store just like in the picture below for example. The rest please create your own.

Step 3:

After the head of the receipt is made next we will make a table to record the items purchased. If you don’t know how to create a table, please also see the previous article about how to design a table. Place the cursor at the end of the receipt head or under “Note No.” then select the INSERT menu then select Table then create a table 5 X 8 Table as shown below.

Step 4:

After the table is created, please enter the required parts such as the name of the item, price, quantity and others as shown below or you can also adjust it yourself as needed. Adjust the distance of the table so that it is neat, the way you only shift the table lines that stand or vertically to the left or right.

Step 5:

Next we will make a part of the amount or total cost to be paid of all items that have been purchased right at the bottom of the table. To get rid of vertical lines in the final table, please block the bottom table from the first column to the fourth column, then select the LAYOUT menu, then select Merge Cells.

Step 6:

After the vertical lines in the first column to the fourth table are removed please fill in the amount “Rp.” As in the example below.

Step 7:

After that on the tail of the memorandum or receipt add the required notes usually in the receipt there is a note about the goods that have been purchased can not be returned again as shown below. You can bold note words with the Bold option and the next words are tilted using the Italic option in the HOME menu of Microsoft Word.

Then also add “Receipts” and “Sincerely” at the very end of the receipt. At this point the receipt is ready to be printed, if there are components you want to add, just add them and create your own. This is just an example of a simple receipt but you can use it as proof of a sales transaction.

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