How to Make A Winning Interesting Curriculum Vitae for Dream Job Application

Create A Winning Curriculum Vitae

Are you looking for work, so here’s how to create a curriculum vitae? Find out how to create an interesting Curriculum Vitae to attract the attention of the HRD of the Company. Happy reading!

CV Quality Determines HRD Interest

In looking for work, of course some things are needed to be prepared, including a job application letter which of course must be attached with a curriculum vitae which is also called the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Did you know that CVs are usually requested by companies that provide job openings. Of course the company needs your CV, to make it easier to evaluate the competencies or abilities of job applicants.

The company is looking for candidates who are relevant and in accordance with vacant positions.

In addition, CVs are also used by job applicants to write down their abilities and competencies in a short document to complete a job application letter. Through this CV, the profile and outline of your life will be reflected briefly and described in it including your educational history and work experience that is a reference for the company that will interview you.

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However, often the application letter is not read carefully and is not even desirable by the HRD because the quality of the CV is less attractive. Then, how do you create an attractive curriculum vitae?

How to Make A Winning Interesting Curriculum Vitae for Dream Job Application

5 Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae

Through the following review, let’s look at how to create an interesting curriculum vitae to read while captivating the HRD section who will look at the CV before entering the interview procedure.

Please read this explanation until the end, because at the end of this article we will share examples of interesting curriculum vitae. With these templates you don’t need to bother anymore to design it.

5 Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae

Here are 5 ways to create an interesting curriculum vitae, try to practice and prove it yourself!

# 1 Do Job Research

Before you make a Curriculum Vitae, the first step is of course you have to look for detailed information about the company and the type of work you are applying for.

Remember that an interesting curriculum vitae is a RELEVANT curriculum vitae.

Of course the type of work that is in accordance with your field of interest. You can search online or ask information from your friends and acquaintances. Record all information regarding all applicant requirements such as job qualifications, skills or expertise, age and not infrequently the company is looking for workers who have experience working for a specific time span.

In addition, you also need to find out all information about the vision, mission and values ​​and work ethics implemented in the company. Through various information, you can filter, which company you are going to to send the following application letter with your CV.

# 2 Know the contents of the CV in General

Maybe this section most people already know, but for fresh graduates, this information will be very helpful because it can provide a big picture of your life history that you will include in it. Be careful in arranging in order so as not to confuse readers of your CV, especially the HRD who will judge your quality first through the CV. In general, the content contained in a CV include the following:

  • Personal Identity

Full name, address, telephone number and email address

  • Latest education, majors and GPA
  • Personality

A brief description of your character

  • The skills that you have
  • Projects and Work Experience

Things you have done in previous work or awards that you have received

  • Latest Training

Training that has been followed the last 2-3 years

  • Other information about yourself

Hobbies, references or other things about yourself related to the job for which you are applying

# 3 Start to make a CV

An interesting way to create a curriculum vitae is the relevance of interesting content and design. Make designs that are easy to read, minimalist and neat layouts. Various examples of CV designs or formats you can search for in the search field with the keyword “CV Design”. You are advised to choose a simple design with an appropriate color combination and use symbols that can be understood by the reader.

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When the design is okay, the first thing you need to write in it, according to the content guidelines outline in point 2 above is:

  • Include Identity

Write down your full name, address, telephone number and email address and don’t forget to include your latest passport photo.

  • Write the education level

Present briefly, concisely and clearly about your character and the values ​​of life that you uphold. Describe the skills and skills that you have especially those that support the work that is your goal. If you have worked before, write down your work experience and achievements and awards that you have achieved if any. This will add value to yourself and special attention for the reader.

Include also various training that you have ever participated in that adds skill. Include information about yourself that is relevant to your job and also references from some important people in the company, where you worked before.

# 4 Reread and Fix Errors in CV

The next step is you need to reread the CV that you have made. This is important to minimize errors and ensure that your CV is neatly organized. Certainly very unfortunate if you have been struggling to find ways to make an interesting curriculum vitae. It turns out the error is typo (read: typo)?

Re-check the wrong grammar and spelling and use clear, concise and effective sentences. Try to use standard Indonesian words and sentences. Use the Large Indonesian Dictionary Online or search for standard words from articles on internet websites.

# 5 Analyze your CV

In analyzing the CV that you have made, you can act as if you were an HRD who would read the CV. To be more objective in its assessment, you must set yourself aside and truly play yourself as part of the HRD who is recruiting applicants.

The next step, you can ask your friends or friends to assess the CV that you have made. Make a comparison between the assessment that you have made and the assessment that your friend made. After that, you can decide to fix some of the errors found.

Congratulations, you have learned the secrets of 5 Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae. We are sure, there are still brothers, sisters or your siblings who are still having trouble making an attractive CV. You will certainly be a helper and hero for them, if you share this article via Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram or Line.

How to Make A Winning Interesting Curriculum Vitae for Dream Job Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyway, you may have several questions about sending a formal email to your clients or coworkers properly. You should keep your questions while we have provided the answers below. Yes, there are some popular questions about sending a formal letter to client that we got from the readers. With no talk too much, here the lists are:

How do I write a CV with no experience or qualifications?

Guys, you should not be less confident to get your dream job even though you have no experience. Here, the tricky things you should write on your CV to attract the HR. Let’s note these lists:

  1. Tailor your CV to the job
  2. Make the most of your personal statement
  3. Think outside the job
  4. Leverage your transferable skills
  5. Add a cover letter
  6. Use the right keywords
  7. Show your personality.

How do I write a CV for my first job?

Is it your first experience to write a CV? Well, you should not worry to face it as long as you know the tricks to deal with it. And, here the things you should put on your CV:

  1. Choose the Right Format
  2. Use the Job Description as a Guide
  3. Highlight Your Transferable Skills
  4. Focus on Hobbies and Interests
  5. Don’t Lie
  6. Edit and Proofread
  7. Use Examples
  8. Don’t Forget the Cover Letter.
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How can I make my resume effective?

Do you know? Most HR Teams must face numerous piece of CV on their table. And yes, it may be exhausted. Well, it is better to catch their attention so they will not be bored when reading your CV. As a result, you will be happy because you can win interesting curriculum vitae for dream job. And, here the lists are:

  1. Don’t over-complicate things
  2. Don’t be generic
  3. Include big achievements
  4. Don’t use resume templates or tables
  5. Keep it short
  6. Remove irrelevant or outdated experience
  7. Don’t lie or over embellish
  8. State your most important points first.

How many pages should a CV be?

You’ve probably been told not to exceed two pages. However, there is no set limit. As a guideline: a one page CV is normally enough for a graduate or someone with a limited career history. A two-three page CV is about average length.

How can I create a CV for free?

Nowadays, there are no reasons to not create your CV as creative as possible. Even, you can get a lot of colorful and eye-catching template for free from the various easy ways and platforms. The lists below will show you step by step to create the awesome CV template for free:

  1. Stunning free CV templates
  2. Download as Microsoft Word or PDF
  3. Quick & easy CV builder
  4. Step-by-step help with customer support
  5. Packed full of examples and tips
  6. Customize CV layout and look
  7. Effective phrases and action words to use
  8. Print or email using your browser.

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Begin the Beginning with Success

The steps mentioned above are actually still in the initial steps in your application process. This is because you have to go through the process and procedure for subsequent job recruitment that is set by the company concerned. Begin these steps by creating a curriculum vitae that draws attention from the HRD. An attractive CV aims to ensure you can enter into the next procedure.

Now practice how to make an interesting curriculum vitae! Have you ever had difficulty finding a way to create an attractive curriculum vitae? Please share your experience when creating an interesting curriculum vitae.

How to make a compelling CV of HRD

Step 1: Know the contents of the CV in general

For those of you who are actually fresh graduates, knowing the contents of a CV in general is a step that will help you in the manufacturing process. If you have experience in making a CV, this information can be a reminder if there are parts that are forgotten. In general, the things contained in the CV are as follows:

  • Self-Identity – full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Latest education, majors, and GPA
  • Personality – the character of yourself
  • The skills that you have
  • Projects & Work Experience – things you have done in previous work
  • Latest Training – training that has been followed the last 2-3 years
  • Other information about yourself – hobbies, references or other things about yourself related to the job for which you are applying

Step 2: Choose an attractive CV design

Initially CV or Curriculum Vitae, has a classic design such as an award certificate and is sold freely in bookstores or ATK vendors. Now, the CV design has undergone development. If you do a search with the keyword “CV Design”, there are many examples of CV designs or formats that you can choose as desired.

Your mission now is to choose an attractive design. Of the many CV designs that you find on the internet, choose a design that has a simple appearance, has a suitable color combination, and uses symbols that are easy to understand.

Make sure the design you choose can make the reader understand well the information you are writing about. Give clear boundaries for each part of the CV and choose the appropriate color as the background of the writing so that it is easy to read.

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Step 3: Start making a CV

After you get information about the CV and choose a design that suits you, now is the time to start making a CV. If you do the first and second steps well, you will go through the process of making a CV easily. For that, do the following:

Include your identity at the top

The first section that you write at the top of your CV is your full name, address, telephone number and email address. Don’t forget to include your most recent photo. To look professional, show photos with formal clothes but with a style that is not rigid.

Write educational background briefly and clearly

The CV includes levels of education from kindergarten or elementary school then junior high, high school / vocational school, to college. However, for the CV currently only listed the last level of education or education level related to the job being applied for. If you feel it is important to list the level of education from the smallest to the highest, you can write it briefly and clearly. Don’t let education fill half more than your CV paper.

Describe your skills and achievements

Your skills and achievements need to be described in a more interesting way, not just with paragraphs or using bullets and numbering. You can make charts, graphs or ratings to describe your skills and achievements. This method is more effective and efficient, also makes your CV look more attractive to readers.

Specify work experience and training

Write your work experiences in interesting and not boring language. Associate with the job you are applying for so that it looks relevant and shows that you are a potential candidate. To be more professional, include trainings related to the job for which you are applying. Do not include training that has been followed a dozen or decades ago, unless it can add to your points for some reason, for example international level training.

Select other relevant information

In addition to the sections above, you can include other information about yourself such as hobbies related to work and references from several important people in the previous company or other companies.

Step 4: Reread Your CV

Don’t breathe easily after you have finished making your CV. The next step you need to do to get a compelling CV is to re-read your CV. This part is very important where you will do proofreading which will improve the quality of your CV.

Improve grammar and spelling

When rereading your CV, pay attention to the grammar and spelling of each word you have written. Avoid using slang (slang language). Use good and correct grammar and standard language; if you doubt a word, check the standard word in the Big Indonesian Dictionary online.

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