How to Make a Salary Statement With Complete Examples of Employee Payroll

How to Create A Salary Statement?

On occasion I will provide information on how to create a salary slip format along with a complete example. Make salary slips for employees or make salary slips for employees can be from anywhere, one of which you can make salary slips using Excel and Word.

In making a salary slip, of course you must pay attention to writing the name, number, basic salary, and much more that must be filled in the salary format.

If you are wrong in writing in a salary slip, of course, will get your finances. The following technology coverage will provide a tutorial on how to make a salary slip using Excel along with a complete example.

Create a Payroll with Excel Formula

Salary Slip is a small sheet of paper that contains a summary of detailed salary records obtained by employees after working for a specified period, and salary slips can also be evidence that the company has paid employees. How to make a salary slip format using the excel formula is practically easy, you only need to pay attention to the parts in the salary slip format, here is the format you need to pay attention to in making a salary slip.

At the top of the paper there is a company name and can also add a logo along with the office address and telephone number. There is also a large SALARY writing usually at the top center. In the salary breakdown section includes: basic salary, and employee benefits such as extra overtime pay, transport fees, food allowances, bonuses and so on depending on the company’s policy.

How to Make a Salary Statement With Complete Examples of Employee Payroll

Salary Slip Components

Then there are also details of deductions such as: loans, fees, taxes, etc. if any, so how much net salary will the employee receive. There are also dates, months and years of salary issued by the company that provides the salary.
The following is a way to create a simple salary slip format using the Excel formula, here are the steps to make it as follows:

  • First, please make a table that contains employee data along with the position, benefits, salary details, etc. As in the example below with the name Employee Data sheet
  • Next make a new sheet to print a salary slip with the name Salary Slip sheet
  • In making this print format, you make it so that when you enter the NIK that is the benchmark, the salary data will appear from the first source sheet and automatically so that the format is ready for printing
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The formula you use is the Excel vlookup formula, Writing the formula as follows:

Name, please type it in cell D7
= VLOOKUP (D6; ‘Employee Data’! B4: L23; 2; FALSE)

The title of the formula is the same as Vlookup, and the difference is in the order of the data column
= VLOOKUP (D6; ‘Employee Data’! B4: L23; 3; FALSE)

= VLOOKUP (D6; ‘Employee Data’! B4: L23; 4; FALSE)

So on meal, transport, bonus and loan money, contributions.

For income tax, this income tax adjusts to the provisions of taxation, yes.
= Salary * Percent.

Total Revenue
The formula uses sum, please type the formula = SUM (D12: D18)

The Total Cut is added first
The formula is = SUM (H12: H14)

Net salary is Total revenue – Total discount.
The formula is = D19-H19.
Thus the tutorial on how to make a salary slip along with the most complete salary slip, hopefully with you reading this article you can find out the parts of the salary slip format.

Oh, it is not only the salary slip maker that can be done in Excel, but you can make a salary slip using Word.

Understand the Meaning of 5 Components in This Salary Slip

Payslips are the most anticipated things every month for those who work. But, for employees who take care of making salary slips in the company, this might be the time to spin around fun.

Payslips contain counts of various numbers that must be guaranteed accuracy. Because the numbers are closely related to the lives of the employees who receive them.

One of the benefits of a pay slip is a condition for applying for a loan from a bank or other institution. Payslips are proof that the applicant works for a company with the required salary.

From this pay slip, the credit analyst or bank officer can check the applicant’s eligibility to receive a loan. It is possible when filling out the loan form in the salary column, it is written Rp. 10 million, but in fact the salary slip is only Rp. 7 million.

Or maybe the salary is Rp. 10 million per month, but only Rp. 7 million is received net. The reason is, there is a loan to the cooperative or other deductions that make income reduced to Rp 3 million. Things like this will be considered to grant a loan application or not.

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But salary slips are also useful for companies. Employee salary counts include factors that become a company’s financial audit. An important audit is carried out to ensure a healthy and controlled financial condition without leakage.

Everything about salary or wages is regulated in Government Regulation No. 78 of 2015 concerning Wages. This rule can be revised later in accordance with applicable regulations. A number of salary slip components are included in the regulation.

Salary Slip Component

Salary slips of one company or agency may differ from the salary slips of other companies. But in general the salary slip components listed are similar. The following are:

1. Basic salary

People often abbreviate it with gapok. The basic salary is the basic salary provided on the basis of the position or function of the work performed. Generally the basic salary goes hand in hand with career paths. The higher the career, the higher the base salary.

2. Allowances

Benefits are additional income that serves as a support for basic salary. Benefits can be divided into two, namely fixed benefits and non-permanent benefits. Permanent benefits are given routinely in the same amount each month along with salary, such as job allowances and family or housing allowances. While the variable allowances are variable.

For example transportation allowances and meal allowances. Employees who come to work for a full month and employees who have been absent a day will receive a different non-permanent benefit. Because, there are deductions from the allowance a day, for example transportation allowances, because the employee does not spend money on transportation costs to work when absent.

3. Pieces

The discount in the salary slip consists of several components. To be sure there are income tax deductions (PPh), BPJS Employment and Health, and pension insurance. Deductions that are not always available, include cooperative contributions and loan / cash repayments. Some companies also apply discounts as sanctions for delays or other disciplinary violations.

4. Commission / bonus

There are employees who receive commission / bonuses in addition to fixed wages. Usually the additional funds come thanks to the achievement of certain targets or achievements by the employee. So this component does not always appear on salary slips, usually per year or twice a year.

5. Overtime

Overtime employees are entitled to overtime pay. Overtime means working more than eight hours a day or 40 days a week. Overtime pay will also be included in the salary slip component when having to work on holidays. But not all companies have this overtime compensation system. For those whose companies do not have this policy, it means they must accept fate if the salary will not increase even though they have worked more than eight hours a day.

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In addition to the five components above, the salary slip contains a number of data related to the identity of the employee and the company concerned. For example the company’s name and logo; name, position, employment number, class, and employee taxpayer identification number; signature of the director / manager; and the date of issue of the salary slip and payroll period.

Without this data, the validity of the salary slip would be questioned. The provisions of this pay slip apply either in the form of digital (sent via email) or physical (in the form of a letter in an envelope).


As alluded to above, salary slips are important for both employees and the company. Employees who have never received a pay slip must question it. Especially if there is an intention to find a loan. Beyond that, a salary slip is evidence of company transparency to employees. If there is no salary slip, employees will not know the origin of the salary that is brought home every month from anywhere.

Therefore, employees who are assigned to make salary slips must be very careful. Each count must be entered without error. Fortunately there is already a way to make a paycheck with a computer program. There are a number of software or application making payroll slips online, both free and paid.

However, before using online application services to make pay slips, care must be taken. Because, in making slips there are important data from companies that are included in the program. We recommend using a paid application for greater security. It would be better if there is written cooperation between the company and the application provider to guarantee the confidentiality of the data.

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