Best Resignation Letter – Tips for Writing Resign Letters Without Hurting the Boss

How to Quit Using Resignation Letter?

Are you intending to move to a new office? You certainly have to prepare a letter of resignation from the beginning. Resigning from the company and finding a new job is an important decision and must be done well. Although you have submitted an intention to resign to your employer directly, this letter of resignation will be your formal notification to the company.

It is important to make this letter as good as possible in a professional manner, so that the company receives it according to the purpose of its making. The right letter of resignation will also help you maintain good relations with the company, even though you will immediately leave and leave the company.

After all, you certainly do not want to leave a bad impression for your boss and also the company, right? Then, how to make a good resignation letter? Here’s how to write job resignations that you can make a guide.

1. Write the purpose and contents of the letter clearly

Make sure you make a proper and professional letter of resignation, where this letter contains very clear objectives and content. The date of resignation is one thing that you cannot forget, because this will be very important in your resignation letter.

Be clear to your employer on what date you will no longer enter and work in the company. Write down also the last position or position that you will leave in the company, so that the boss understands this clearly.

Prepare and submit your cover letter at least 2 weeks before the effective time of your resignation arrives, so that the company can prepare the person who will handle your duties.

2. Avoid writing negative comments about work and the company

Avoid negative comments in your letter of resignation, even though you will soon leave the company. This is not only related to work ethics, but you also of course still need to respect your boss and also the company.

Best Resignation Letter - Tips for Writing Resign Letters Without Hurting the Boss

Writing Form of Resignation Letter

3. Don’t write long-winded sentences

Make a resignation letter that is concise and clear, so that the company can understand it well. No need to beat around the bush and convey too many things in it, especially things that are not so important.

4. Offer Help

When you stop working and leave the company, then your position will certainly be vacant and must be filled by other people, be it new to the company or even an old person assigned to handle your duties so far. Offer help to collaborate for some time with that person, so that later the various tasks that you leave remain well handled by your successor.

5. Ask about Work Agreements and Other Important Matters

When you enter and join the company, then you will certainly have a number of agreements with the company, both in the form of your obligations or company obligations.

When you resign, ask this again in detail, so that your business with the company can be completed properly. Some things you need to ask, such as payment of your salary after resigning later, company facilities that you use so far, and others.

6. Don’t Forget to Thank You

Also convey your gratitude to the company, this one point is mandatory and you should not forget. Thanking the company is important for you to do, regardless of what and how impressed you have been with the company where you work.

7. Keep Maintaining Good Relationships

Leave a good impression and don’t forget to say goodbye to your co-workers and your boss. This is important, considering that you have been working with them all this time, and of course you will not know if you can work with them again later, right?

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All about Best Resignation Letter – Tips for Writing Resign Letters Without Hurting the Boss Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyway, you may have several questions about Writing Resign Letters Without Hurting the Boss properly. You should keep your questions while we have provided the answers below. Yes, there are some popular questions about Writing Resign Letters to boss that we got from the readers. With no talk too much, here the lists are:

How do you write a resignation letter if you are not happy?

Of course, everyone hopes to get the supportive and enjoyable work’s environment. But, some of us may ne not lucky to not have it. Then, you should not force yourself to stay while you are not happy and does not give your 100% performance. Here, the smart tips to write a resignation letter without hurting your boss. And, here they are:

  1. Keep it short. Don’t turn a resignation letter into a novel
  2. Recognize the contract
  3. Remember the formal stuff
  4. Be thankful for the opportunity and avoid personal criticism
  5. Offer help
  6. The timeline for your resignation
  7. The reason for resignation.

How do I write a good resignation letter?

Once you have know the tips to write the best resignation letter, it is time for you to know the basic things that must be put on the letter. And, here they are:

  1. Letter Date. Include the date when you submit the letter in the top left line above the address
  2. Address. The address should follow a formal business letter template
  3. Addressee
  4. Resignation Declaration
  5. Date of Departure
  6. Reasons for Leaving (Optional)
  7. Thank You Section
  8. Signature.

How do you quit a toxic job?

Basically, your work place must be the best place where you can improve your skill and experiences as well as gain a lot of friends. Otherwise, you should not be tolerate with any in-supportive aspects that may limit you to improve. It is time to say goodbye and send your best resignation letter and find out the better job. Here some things you can do to quit from a toxic job or work field environments:

  1. Talk to a Lawyer
  2. Take Notes
  3. Sit Down With HR
  4. Don’t Touch Anything Confidential
  5. Be Honest When You Resign
  6. Give 100 Percent Until the End
  7. Learn From the Experience and Move On.

Can I resign immediately?

In many cases, most company gives you time to talk about resignation before at least 30 or 14 days. Meanwhile, you have to resign immediately, your companies may have several requirements or circumstances based on the contracts that you have made before.

Can you email a resignation letter?

To make the intimate discussion, we suggest you to not send your resignation letter via email. Thus, it is better to meet the boss or hr in person then state your resignation’s reasons wisely. Even, you are also give your hand-print resignation letter to them. Guys, it is important to keep the good relationship between you and your previous coworkers or companies while it can enrich your connection.

Perform Resign in a Professional Way

Resignation is often a difficult decision, especially for those of you who have worked long enough. If you intend to resign from the company where you work so far, make sure you do it professionally. Convey well and your resignation letter, so that the company can accept it well too.

Examples of Resignation Letter Work Good and Polite

In a company there must have been a cessation of an employee of that company. Or what is called resignation. If an employee wants to resign from a company, will pass the procedures specified in the resignation of the company, one of which is to make a resignation letter that an employee really wants to stop working at the company.

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Therefore on this occasion, I will provide information about the components that are in the letter of resignation, as well as how to make a letter of resignation that is good and right, and also examples of letters of resignation.

Definition of Resignation Letter

Resign Letter (Resign Letter) is a type of letter created and used to indicate that someone wants to stop working from where he works. This resignation letter is also a form of administrative discipline that ethically shows that someone who makes a resignation statement, still wants to maintain good relations with a company or other agency, even though there is no longer a working relationship at that place.

This resignation letter is used not only for an employee who works at a private company or government office, but also for all aspects of life where we carry out a routine activity.

Example: Resignation letter of a student who wants to stop not to continue his studies at a university where he studied.

Benefits of Resignation Letters

Resignation letter is a right for every employee who works at a company and has benefits that can be obtained by someone, even though he no longer works at the company. The following are the benefits of a resignation letter:

1. Look respectable & professional

The first benefit of a resignation letter is that every decision taken by an employee must be accompanied by polite ethics. Therefore, when we want to stop working at a company by making a resignation letter, the company will see us as a person who is responsible, ethical, respectable and one time we still have the opportunity to be able to become employees at the company again.

Different from the case if we stop working in an unclear way, the company will judge us as irresponsible, ethical, and one time we have no chance to become employees at the company again.

2. The company can find new employees in the positions left behind

The second benefit of a resignation letter is if an employee wants to stop working at a company. It functions so that the company left by the employee can immediately find another substitute to occupy the position of the employee who has quit.

Therefore, when we want to stop working at a company, make sure we make a resignation letter first before we really no longer work at the company.

So that the company does not get lost because of the vacant position we leave, and immediately find new employees who will fill the vacant position.

Writing Form of Resignation Letter

In making the resignation letter has writing formats that must be considered by us, so that in writing the letter there are no mistakes in it.

1. City Name & Date

A letter of resignation usually includes the City Name & the date of the letter, with the writing format, which starts with a capital letter, separates the city name and date in the form of a comma and ends without using a dot behind it. This writing is placed in the upper right corner of the letter.

Example: Washington, 20 January 2019 / Washington, 20-20-2019

2. Company Name & Company Address

A letter of resignation is also usually listed Company Name & Company Address, in the format of writing, which starts with a capital letter, name and information separator in the form of a colon and ending without using a dot behind it. This writing is placed in the upper left corner after the city name & date of manufacture.


The head of the company
American Express
Z.A. Road Natural Fence No. 45 Kedaton

3. Greetings Opening

In the resignation letter there is also a sentence as an opening greeting, so that it looks more polite and ethical when we stop working at a company.

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Example: Sincerely, Greetings, Good morning and others

4. Reasons for Resignation

This part of the resignation letter is the most difficult for us to write, but this reason must be written as honestly as possible so that the leaders of the company understand that we want to resign. If this reason is not written into a letter, then the leadership of the company will reject the letter of resignation that we submitted.

Example: With this letter I officially want to leave the company American Express, by reason of moving house outside the city.

5. Write down the date of Resignation

As part of this resignation letter, we must explain and confirm in the form of resignation date and will actually leave the company.

Example: Officially starting from October 30, 2019 confirmed to resign from the company American Express with a position as Head of Productivity.

6. Acknowledgments & Apologies

In the section before the end of the resignation letter, give a sentence as a thank you for your cooperation with a company, and an apology for consciously or unconsciously making a mistake.

Example: For the sake of me, thank you as much as possible, because so far I have been willing to make me part of the company American Express, and apologize if while working in this company there are mistakes that I have consciously or unconsciously done.

7. Greetings & Signatures

This section is included at the end of the letter in the lower left corner, which is written as a closing greeting and also our signature, as an official sign that we stop working from the company.


Best regards

Head of Productivity


Vishnu Marta

Check the Brief Sample of Resignation Letter

With respect

Through this letter of resignation, I am named Cyntia Alba. intends to resign from the Ganesha Operation Institute as a Teaching English teacher, starting from November 5, 2018.

I express my deepest gratitude to the Head of the Ganesha Operation Institute Chief, for the opportunity given to work for the Ganesha Operation Institute. I decided this decision on the basis of certain considerations that I had discussed with the Chief Executive several days ago.

Furthermore, I would also like to apologize to the staff and other colleagues, if during my work I have intentionally or unintentionally made mistakes.

Best regards


Thus the explanation of the Resignation Letter along with the Definition, Benefits, Writing Format, and Sample resignation letter. Hopefully it can be useful and become a useful knowledge for all of us.

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